Dover & Folkestone Kennels
Crete Road West, Folkestone, Kent CT18 7AB
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Our New Cattery

Our Cattery is situated towards the centre of the site which covers the kennels area.
The outside of the Cattery measures approximately 40ft x 80ft (12.5M x 25M). The temperature in the whole building is kept at a comfortable heat by an oil fired central heating system. Heat lamps can be fitted in all units for a little extra-localisesd heat when required. The whole of this unit is illuminated by both/either natural or artificial light. It houses 17 Cat/Mammal units, a fully equiped kitchen.

Home from Home


The Cat/Mammal unit measures 3ft,3 inches wide, 6ft,6 inches and 6ft,6 inches long (1M x 2M x 2M). Each unit has an outside secure run, fully covered where the residents can go for that breath of fresh air. We supply a sleeping basket raised 3ft off the ground, a shelf where they can sit and see out of the double glazed window, litter tray, toys and of course food and water bowls.
We can house up to 3 cats per unit, each with their own basket and litter tray, (If owned by the same person) if desired. Alternativly they can have opposite units so they can see each other, room permitting.

Our cats are fed twice a day, a selection of food is available either dried, tinned or fresh, to customers requests, with a constant supply of fresh drinking water.

All residents are designated a kennel maid , so each receives as much personal attention as possible and they get to know each other as well.